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Sunset Refillery

Coco BEE Candles

Coco BEE Candles

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Light up your home with Coco BEE Candles, crafted with organic coconut wax and beeswax and featuring clean phthalate and paraffin-free scents or natural scents . Hand-poured in small batches for an extra-luxe feel, these locally made candles are sure to become a staple in your home, bringing a subtle, sophisticated aroma and a touch of exclusivity.

Popular Scents:

Galveston Island Collection
Galveston, Balinese Room, Babe's Beach, Tropical Bliss

Other: Bandera, Bamboo & Teakwood, Bamboo, Mahogany Coconut, Coconut & Lime, Plumeria, Magnolia


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