Welcome to Galveston's Zero Waste Refill Shop!

Here are our upcoming events:

Pocket Market Music Festival: 9/30 11-6 at Runge Park, 4605 Peck Ave., Santa Fe, Tx 77510

Fall Hours starting Monday 9/25:

open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10am-6pm

We have an ANNOUNCEMENT! We will be opening a second location this fall. Check back for updates on our instagram/Facebook.

Students Receive 15% off on all refills on Saturdays & Sundays

Teachers receive 10% every day

We can all reduce the impact of plastic waste on our environment. Sunset Refillery was created to give Galveston locals the option of cutting back on single-use plastic by providing a local storefront for refills. The products we carry are eco-safe, no harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, reusable and biodegradable.

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