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Sacred Jade - Superfruit Skin Elixir - 0.5oz by Terra Stoma

Sacred Jade - Superfruit Skin Elixir - 0.5oz by Terra Stoma

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A precious, medium-weight oil formulated to revive dull skin, inspire a fresh and balanced complexion, & gracefully support skin as it matures.

Wonderful for irritated, sensitive, dry, and mature skin types. Composed of antioxidant-rich and UV-protective oils. Pomegranate is the only cosmetic source of Punicic acid, known to promote cellular regeneration in the skin and assist with collagen production.

Naturally antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and loaded with vitamins E & A.

The key addition of Blue Tansy helps to promote a balanced complexion, soothe irritation or redness, and comfort the senses.

Enhanced with Wild Orange & Frankincense to further soothe, strengthen the skin, and provide an antimicrobial boost.

Tend to yourself with this sweet + grounding botanical oil.

Ingredients: Raspberry seed oil, *Cherry kernel oil, Blueberry seed oil, *Pomegranate seed oil, *Blue Tansy oil, Wild Orange oil, *Frankincense oil, Vitamin E *Organic


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