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Sunset Refillery

Bathroom Cleaner Bergamot REFILL ONLY zero waste

Bathroom Cleaner Bergamot REFILL ONLY zero waste

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This bathroom cleaner is free of harsh chemicals and fumes. It is made with lactic acid to help break down soap scum and limescale from tubs, tiles and sinks. Clean Bergamot scent. Zero waste.

*Common Good products are refilled from a 2.5 gallon cube. When empty, the cube is sent back to the vendor, sanitized, and refilled. This helps further reduce plastic waste.

PRICE OF BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED IN FIRST REFILL ORDER. You may purchase one from our store, website, or use your own. If you would like to request us to pick up your bottles on Galveston Island, call (409) 974 4020 or email us at


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